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Adjustment and maintenance in operation of corn

Corn drying machine on the market stability is poor, the failure rate will be increasingly high, countries should accelerate the mechanization of grain production, reduce loss, reduce the transportation loss, the quality of grain drying is...

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Improvement of drying equipment technology to i

With the development of agricultural mechanization, the production of corn drying tower is varied, generally the most common corn drying tower, in order to adapt to the market to meet the needs of users, and Runhong machinery developed a mo...

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Kaifeng city abundant Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic and foreign food, food, chemical and other industries to provide professional manufacturers of drying equipment. The company's core products for large and medium-sized corn dryer, corn drying tower,

rice dryer and other grain dryer series products.. The company's core products of a variety of models to obtain the national agricultural machinery promotion...